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I was 35, fit, healthy and constantly on the move.

A full-time working mum and wife with 3 children aged 9, 6 & 3 and a competitive powerlifter.

Since approximately 2007, I had experienced on and off rectal bleeding.

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My name is Bob and I'm 76 years old. I’m what some people call a cancer survivor.

Actually, I’ve survived cancer twice.
In September 2006 after many tests and scans, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I started radiation treatment seven months later, which included 35 treatments over seven weeks.
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After a positive result from the National Bowel Cancer screening test, my GP gave me a referral to get a colonoscopy. This was about July 2011. The colonoscopy could not be completed as a tumour was blocking the scope from moving properly up the bowel. I was then sent for a scan (virtual colonoscopy) to find out more. This showed a large tumour. Then I went back to my GP with the results. He confirmed that I had bowel cancer then referred me to a specialist for surgery. This was in August 2011. After seeing the sugeon and getting CT scans, I was booked in for surgery at the beginning of September. I had 30 cm of my bowel and the lymph nodes in the area removed. Post-operative testing confirmed bowel cancer, that it had spread to a number of the lymph nodes and was classed as Stage 111C. I was then referred to a specialist for chemo treatment. It took about 5 weeks to recover from the surgery, get a porta-cath put in and be ready for the chemo treatment. This was planned to be 12 treatments lasting 3 days every 2 weeks. The Chemo started in late October 2011.
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Event Description: One of Australia's most loved running festivals, the 7 Sunshine Coast Marathon, is set to be bigger and better in 2018 with its great beachfront course and more runners than ever before.

Website: http://www.sunshinecoastmarathon.com.au/ 

Event Location: Sunshine Coast, Qld

Event’s fundraising URL:  Coming soon!

Event’s registration URL: Coming soon!

Please Note: Bowel Cancer Australia is not involved in the organising, running or managing of this listed event/activity and is not responsibile for the listings made by community fundraisers.

Prior to my diagnosis, I was an elite athlete within touch football (refereeing) having represented Australia numerous times since 2010, the most recent international tournament in April 2016. I was ranked No: 1 in QLD, No: 2 in Australia and third in the world.

I first went to my GP in late 2014 for treatment for haemorrhoids and was referred to a specialist. I revisited my specialist in early 2016 as my younger brother had had appendicitis in late 2014 and during that procedure a tumour on his large intestine was discovered. He underwent surgery to have it removed but it was recommended his brothers get checked.
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