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After a positive result from the National Bowel Cancer screening test, my GP gave me a referral to get a colonoscopy. This was about July 2011. The colonoscopy could not be completed as a tumour was blocking the scope from moving properly up the bowel. I was then sent for a scan (virtual colonoscopy) to find out more. This showed a large tumour. Then I went back to my GP with the results. He confirmed that I had bowel cancer then referred me to a specialist for surgery. This was in August 2011. After seeing the sugeon and getting CT scans, I was booked in for surgery at the beginning of September. I had 30 cm of my bowel and the lymph nodes in the area removed. Post-operative testing confirmed bowel cancer, that it had spread to a number of the lymph nodes and was classed as Stage 111C. I was then referred to a specialist for chemo treatment. It took about 5 weeks to recover from the surgery, get a porta-cath put in and be ready for the chemo treatment. This was planned to be 12 treatments lasting 3 days every 2 weeks. The Chemo started in late October 2011.
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In May 2015, I saw a doctor for what I thought was severe constipation. He prescribed some common medicines used to treat constipation which did not work for me, in fact made me vomit.

The vomiting became so severe I ended up calling an ambulance to take me to the local hospital where they "diagnosed" severe constipation and followed up with the usual medicines again. The vomiting continued and there was certainly no bowel movement.

Finally, on the Saturday the Doctors organised an x ray. They diagnosed a "blockage" which could possibly be cancer. They then transferred me to the closest major hospital where I had a CT scan. This scan confirmed the blockage was bowel cancer.
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In 2014 I received my first National Bowel Cancer Screening Program kit as I had turned 50. I put off doing the test for some time because I had none of the symptoms so thought I did not need to do it. My wife convinced me to do the test and thank goodness I did because shortly after sending it away I received the news that I had a positive result. It was a huge shock.
My GP then referred me to a gastroenterologist for a colonoscopy. During the scope they found a cancerous polyp, so I was then referred to a surgeon and within a couple of weeks I was in hospital having the cancerous polyp removed.
The surgeon removed 40 cm of my bowel to successfully remove the cancerous polyp and lymph nodes for testing. The operation was a success and I did not need a stoma.
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In September 2011 I was feeling unwell and always feeling full even when I wasn’t eating and felt as though I was gaining weight especially around tummy area.
My husband & I had just shifted to Melbourne from Mildura (2010) and we were building a new house. I thought that maybe I was exhausted and stressed.
I started walking again thinking that maybe this would help my mind, but that did not help. I was still feeling full and tummy pains increased.
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Being diagnosed with bowel cancer is tough. You think you are going to die and you quickly start to re-think your bucket list!

The first indication I had a problem was with a bowel motion I had. When I looked in the toilet bowl, it was full of blood. In hindsight, I wish I had taken a photo as I was later questioned repeatedly about the quantity of blood I had seen. There was a lot of blood! I even called my husband to have a look!
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