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GPs in NSW are now able to prescribe medicinal cannabis to patients who've exhausted standard treatment options, thanks to new regulatory changes.

Cannabis-based medicines were previously only accessible through clinical trials.

NSW Premier Mike Baird supported the decision on Sunday stating, "People who are seriously ill should be able to access these medicines if they are the most appropriate next step in their treatment."
Visit the NSW Terminal Illness Cannabis Scheme webpage for further information.
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In May 2015, I saw a doctor for what I thought was severe constipation. He prescribed some common medicines used to treat constipation which did not work for me, in fact made me vomit.

The vomiting became so severe I ended up calling an ambulance to take me to the local hospital where they "diagnosed" severe constipation and followed up with the usual medicines again. The vomiting continued and there was certainly no bowel movement.

Finally, on the Saturday the Doctors organised an x ray. They diagnosed a "blockage" which could possibly be cancer. They then transferred me to the closest major hospital where I had a CT scan. This scan confirmed the blockage was bowel cancer.
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I visited my GP feeling something wasn’t right. After having had my daughter, I shortly after started to experience a change in bowel habit; never feeling finished; Stomach pain; Anaemia; Weight loss; Felt a mass, felt nausea, constantly bloated, and had blood in my stool.
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My whole world changed. It all began the day before commencing a set of nights in August 2015. I went to the toilet as usual and passed what I thought was a bowel motion which in fact turned out to be bright red blood. That was the turning point. I knew I needed to see a GP. This occurred on a Friday and so I booked an appointment to see a GP on the Monday morning straight after finishing my night shift. I felt like an idiot. "I’m perfectly well" I was said to myself, "I’m making this all up, the doctor is going to think I'm an idiot’. I did attend my appointment, definitely not my normal chirpy self, I couldn’t think clearly and the words just didn’t come out as smoothly as they usually did. I was tired, it had been a hard couple of night shifts in emergency. Maybe this was my problem, I was unhappy in my relationship, I was stressed about the wellbeing of my parents, work was tough and I lacked confidence in myself. Maybe these factors were contributing to my change in bowel habit? Hopefully.
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It can be a very lonely and tough time caring for a parent with bowel cancer.

Mum's father had died from bowel cancer in his early 60's so she knew her risk of developing the disease was higher.

She had never experienced any symptoms but asked her GP in New Zealand to have tests done after her friend was diagnosed with early stage bowel cancer. Mum was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer just before Christmas 2011. She was only 54 and I was just 26.
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