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Where do I begin?
This time last year I was a happy, healthy 34 year old Mum to 3 gorgeous girls (one aged 11 and twins aged 6).
Well I thought I was healthy.
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I had just turned 39 when I was diagnosed with Stage 3 bowel cancer.
I remember thinking, ‘This doctor has me mixed up with somebody else. It cannot be me. I don't have a tumour.
‘I’m fit. I surf. I run. I don't smoke. I’m not overweight.
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I was diagnosed in October 2015, at the age of 33. In the space of 2 weeks I had a colonoscopy, then CT and MRI scans, which resulted in a clinical diagnosis of Stage 3 Rectal Cancer, due to some lymph nodes appearing to be ‘involved’ on the scans.

I had been experiencing a variety of symptoms in the months leading up to my diagnosis, but the main one was rectal bleeding. I saw my GP who gave me a referral on the spot to a colorectal surgeon, as well as some advice about dietary changes which could have been the cause.

Unfortunately for me, those symptoms disappeared for a time, before returning and then disappearing, and could always be put down to something else. It wasn’t until the bleeding got worse and wouldn’t go away that I attended on that referral. I also felt tired and noticed that I had lost some weight and a blood test revealed that my iron levels were extremely low.
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My world changed on 30th October 2013. Here’s my story.
For years prior to 30th October 2013 I had been complaining to my GP about digestive issues and other associated symptoms. I would regularly see her talking to her about the same symptoms. I was given fact sheets on constipation, fissures, advised to try increasing my water intake, remove lactose and gluten from my diet, I even tried going to a naturopath to see if they could do anything to help. Nothing seemed to work, my symptoms continued to get worst.
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As a 48 year old busy mum of four running a business, I'm afraid my health was not always my first priority.

I’d experienced some symptoms which I’d discussed with my doctor such as abdominal discomfort and low iron levels. However as I had pre-existing medical conditions, these symptoms were attributed to them and with no family history of bowel cancer, no alarm bells sounded.
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