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I was diagnosed with bowel cancer (T4 N1 M0) on the 3rd June, 2010.

I went to my GP after I noticed bright red blood on the toilet paper and was booked in for a colonoscopy four days later, which is when they found the tumour.  Within 10 days of my diagnosis I had blood tests, a CT scan and two MRIs.  I saw two gastroenterologists, three colorectal surgeons and four oncologists. I researched hospitals, services and care teams. 
My gastroenterologists told me I had a tumour that looked cancerous as I woke up from the colonoscopy. 
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When I was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer I was 61 years old, fit and healthy (at least I thought I was).  I was working in the entertainment industry with a part time job as a spruiker (sales motivator) and also did freelance work in the entertainment industry as a DJ/MC for various events.

Approximately 6 years ago, during a prostate check at the local GP, my doctor found a mass on my appendix, protruding into my bowel, fortunately this was benign, however I still required a resection to the right side of my large bowel.

Published in Bowel Cancer Stories
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