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It will be 11 years this September since my dad passed away.

Over time it has gotten easier, but the pain will never go away.

As I’ve gotten older, the reality of getting married and starting a family has begun to enter my mind.

Knowing my dad won’t be able to walk “his little girl” down the aisle and that my (future) children will never get to meet their ‘Poppy’ leaves me feeling heartbroken.

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As a newly diagnosed patient, the most important thing to remember is what matters most - you and your wellbeing.
Your hospital team consists of experts in the disease, but it is your life, your illness, and your body.
Your treatment plan should work for you, by targeting your disease and reflecting your values and your desired treatment goals.
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Matt and Neha met at work.

The first time she saw him, Neha said she felt like she had known him from before.
"I think we both got a bit nervous," she said.

In honour of what would have been Matt’s 31st birthday, Neha shares their story.
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A patient’s perception of how well they communicate with their doctor, along with how involved they feel in their treatment planning, has a direct impact on whether or not the patient believes surgical resection (removal) of their cancer will cure them.
More than 90% of patients indicated their surgery was likely to prolong their life and about 70% thought their surgery would help cancer-related problems.
However, less than half (approximately 40%) of patients thought surgery would have any side effects or complications.
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A living example of how research can benefit bowel cancer patients
Unfortunately, I ignored early warning signs and put off a colonoscopy that could have changed my life. By the time I got around to having it done, I was diagnosed with metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC).
With the cancer having spread to my liver and then later to both of my lungs, I was given just two years to live.
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