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It was the passing of a very dear loved one that led to long-time supporters Justin and Leanne's decision to support Bowel Cancer Australia through monthly donations.
The couple were BCA's inaugural Regular Givers, and remain the longest standing supporters, contributing to the charity on a monthly basis.
We thank Justin and Leanne so very much for their support - making our important work in bowel cancer advocacy, awareness, education, support and research possible. Read the full story at Regular Giving - Making a Difference
What better way to celebrate overcoming a scare with bowel cancer, than with a daring shark dive!
That is exactly what Sally did, while getting all her friends and family to sponsor the brave event. The BCA supporter started the day setting across the shores of Sydney Harbour to Ocean World Manly, and finished with a dive amongst all the underwater creatures there, including the Grey Nurse Sharks.
"I hope any monies raised will help the fight against bowel cancer and also raise a bit of awareness. I was lucky enough to catch mine early. I had part of my bowel removed in December due to a nasty polyp that was found. I have to keep monitoring now so everything has been clear which is wonderful". Best wishes Sally and thank you!
Honouring the memory of his father John, who sadly passed away from bowel cancer just shy of his 65th birthday; Ian decided to celebrate his 50th birthday differently this year – with a head, beard and moustache shave for Bowel Cancer Australia.
What is so special about a man like Ian shaving his hair and moustache? It's his first buzz cut in 35 years and first moustache shave in 25 years! For over half his life Ian has had hair with a length below his shoulders, wife Lavina and daughter Sheralee have never seen him without facial hair, and he decided to shave it all off for a good cause.
It certainly is a big change, but you look great Ian. Thank you & many happy returns!
Following on from some personal research into bowel cancer, Holly, Adele and Billy from Tinternvale Primary School decided to support the cause with a community fundraiser.
The entrepreneurial young trio set up a stall selling sweets, fruit and second hand items to the local community, as well as cakes at school, helping to raise much needed funds and awareness for bowel cancer.
Big thanks Holly, Adele and Billy for your fabulous fundraising efforts! Special thanks also to the students, staff and parents of Tinternvale Primary School for your support.
The COC Cup is an annual social cricket carnival honouring the memory of an inspirational young man Ferg (Fergus), who lost his battle with bowel cancer at age 21.
Players from all over Queensland attend the event – "A great chance to celebrate The Great Aussie Game, mateship and all things Australian, while raising money for bowel cancer research." Thanks guys!
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