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Last year my Mum lost her appetite, lost weight, and began to get extreme pain in her stomach after eating.

We used to meet every Saturday for coffee and the changes were very worrying to me.
She had an ultrasound after experiencing constipation due to a tummy bug she’d picked up while travelling.
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“My stepmother was diagnosed with bowel cancer late last year and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. This is just a small thing I can do to honour her and feel less helpless, and also raise awareness of bowel cancer,” said Kirby.
Kirby shaved her head at home with just a few family and friends in attendance and raised over $800 from the fundraising event.
Thank you Kirby for your generosity and for helping making a difference!
CONGRATULATIONS to 8 year old Gracie, who did an absolutely fabulous job supporting Bowel Cancer Australia through her annual fundraiser. Gracie chooses a different charity or cause to raise money for each year. “This year, I chose bowel cancer because my Great Poppy died of bowel cancer before I was born. It makes me very sad that I never got to meet him!!! I asked all my family, friends and my grade 2 teacher, to donate towards the cause. I raised $90 altogether. I really hope this helps other people”. Thank you Gracie for your generosity and for helping making a difference!
It can be a very lonely and tough time caring for a parent with bowel cancer.

Mum's father had died from bowel cancer in his early 60's so she knew her risk of developing the disease was higher.

She had never experienced any symptoms but asked her GP in New Zealand to have tests done after her friend was diagnosed with early stage bowel cancer. Mum was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer just before Christmas 2011. She was only 54 and I was just 26.
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After my dad (59) started experiencing a change in his bowel habits he decided to go and see his GP. He had just received his results from the Bowel Screening Kit, which was negative for blood in the stool. His GP thought he had a stomach bug, but decided to send him for a colonoscopy to be sure.
Dad was diagnosed with stage two bowel cancer. During surgery he had a quarter of his bowel removed followed by chemotherapy. Mum and I were with him at all his hospital visits and took him for all his chemo sessions.
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