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Hearing the words “you have bowel cancer” is a life-changing moment for patients and their loved ones. Whether you’re the spouse, partner, parent, child or relative of someone with bowel cancer, this new diagnosis will impact you too.

In this article, Bowel Cancer Australia’s Bowel Care Nurse Tammy Farrell discusses what a diagnosis means for you as a loved one, and the support services available to you.

As a loved one, you may be wondering how best to support someone with bowel cancer.

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When several members of The Pat Carroll Running Group realised they had been affected by bowel cancer in some way, they decided to combine their efforts and run for a greater cause.
The running group took part in the Gold Coast Airport Marathon and even organised a 'Got the Runs' team on the day.
The Dyson Group started a 12 month fundraising campaign to raise funds for Bowel Cancer Australia in memory of one of their revered drivers, Neil Hardie, who sadly passed away from the cancer in January 2014.
"His sad passing led to an outpouring of grief amongst his colleagues, which resulted in our company deciding to raise funds for Bowel Cancer Australia," said campaign organiser, Margie from The Dyson Group.
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Local nurse, mother of two and bowel cancer awareness warrior Hollie Conlan has raised $4300 for Bowel Cancer Australia as part of The Age Run Melbourne over the weekend. "Originally what I wanted to do was just the fun run, and I thought, I'll raise money for that. That was $500 to start with and now I've cracked $4000," Hollie Conlan said.
Mrs Conlan's mother suffered from bowel cancer nine years ago, spending time in Bendigo for the operation and recovery.
"When Lauren was diagnosed with bowel cancer, we had no idea young people could get it. I now spread awareness as often as I can, as I don't want anyone to go through bowel cancer without surviving it. I know if Lauren had survived, she would have been a strong advocate for spreading awareness to other young people."
Our daughter Lauren had no symptoms of bowel cancer. She had just celebrated her 26th birthday and was in the ACT Dragon Boat Squad training for Nationals and complained about being tired – but they were all tired from training!
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