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Upon relocating to Queensland from New South Wales in October 2015, I registered with a GP in my local area, primarily to be able to get prescription renewals for blood pressure medication I was taking.

At the initial consultation my GP took a family history. After noting that my Grandmother on my mother's side had died from bowel cancer at the age of 53, my doctor suggested that I should have a colonoscopy as part of my health management plan.
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Hollie took part in the Age Run Melbourne for the second year running while raising funds for Bowel Cancer Australia.
“My team I entered was called 'beat bowel cancer' we had 25 members with $2,578.50 raised. Over the past 2 years it's been $7,006.70 raised! I'm thrilled & so grateful for all the support from friends, family, work mates & even strangers!!!!!
Rachel, Neisha, Jessica, Emma, Stephanie and Nicole organised a Lip Sync for Bowel Cancer fundraising event complete with live music, comedy and entertainment. There was plenty of fun and laughs while raising awareness and much needed funds for bowel cancer.
“So many people have been affected directly or indirectly by bowel cancer. My grandfather is a survivor of bowel cancer and my best friend, Stephanie, is currently battling stage 4 bowel cancer and was diagnosed at just 28 years of age. She is now 31 years of age and has been told that there is no cure for the tumours that have spread to her liver and will continue on treatment long term or until there is a cure. We hope that raising money for Bowel Cancer Australia will aid research and the development of new treatments for bowel cancer, to help find a cure for Stephanie and raise awareness to assist others in the early detection of bowel cancer,” said Nicole.
My whole world changed. It all began the day before commencing a set of nights in August 2015. I went to the toilet as usual and passed what I thought was a bowel motion which in fact turned out to be bright red blood. That was the turning point. I knew I needed to see a GP. This occurred on a Friday and so I booked an appointment to see a GP on the Monday morning straight after finishing my night shift. I felt like an idiot. "I’m perfectly well" I was said to myself, "I’m making this all up, the doctor is going to think I'm an idiot’. I did attend my appointment, definitely not my normal chirpy self, I couldn’t think clearly and the words just didn’t come out as smoothly as they usually did. I was tired, it had been a hard couple of night shifts in emergency. Maybe this was my problem, I was unhappy in my relationship, I was stressed about the wellbeing of my parents, work was tough and I lacked confidence in myself. Maybe these factors were contributing to my change in bowel habit? Hopefully.
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Mother of two, Ellen Schwab, initially started running as a way to lose weight, get healthy and become a better role model for her two boys.
In 2015, she combined her running efforts with a fundraiser for Bowel Cancer Australia.
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