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I had noticed some blood in the toilet for about a month but thought it was due to constipation. I was working fulltime and have four children to look after – being so busy I just carried on and didn't dwell on it. One morning, however, I thought I had diarrhoea but all I could see was a lot of old blood in the toilet bowl. I left my husband with the kids at home and took myself straight off to hospital.Staff at the hospital found evidence of bleeding with no obvious cause. The doctor said he would write a referral to a specialist for an urgent colonoscopy.

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I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in May 2010 at the age of 31.

My bowel habits had started to change about two years before, including small amounts of blood on the toilet paper, but I had been told earlier that I had a haemorrhoid so I thought that might explain the bleeding. I was also diagnosed with anaemia just before I fell pregnant about a year after; I would later learn that anaemia can be an indicator of bowel cancer.

It wasn’t until two months after giving birth that I went to see my GP about the bleeding, who referred me to a specialist for a sigmoidoscopy. Three weeks after my initial appointment, I was given a colonoscopy and the surgeon who performed it told me they had probably found cancer. Later that week I had an MRI and a CT scan and the diagnosis was confirmed. Thankfully no secondary cancers were found.

Published in Bowel Cancer Stories
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