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Register4 was launched in October 2010 with one simple aim - to help researchers spend less time and money on recruiting participants for their projects, so they can spend more time delivering greater health benefits from cancer research.
It's national, it's online and it's for men and women who volunteer their time to participate in approved cancer research.  An initiative by the National Breast Cancer Foundation, it only takes 3 minutes to join and it's absolutely free.  And of course, members' details are kept completely secure, private and confidential.

Why Register4 needs you
Researchers speak often of how long it can take to find large groups of the right people to participate in their research projects - it can take 1-2 years or more.
The time to recruit and identify suitable participants can be lengthy and with variable success.  Register4 is able to deliver a pool of men and women for studies, many times within 48 hours, so that medical research funding can be used more effectively.
Who should join?
Register4 is looking for everyone from all different walks of life, aged 18 and over, from around Australia.  You don't need to have had cancer to participate, because every member, both men and women could hold the key to fast-tracking the benefits from cancer research.

How Register4 works
When you become a member of Register4, you will be asked to provide some information about yourself.  This includes your name, contact details, gender and date of birth.  Be assured that by signing up you are only agreeing to receive emails from Register4 about projects that researchers are recruiting participants for.
Baseline Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire: The first project you will be invited to participate in is the Baseline Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire, which provides more information about the health and lifestyle of members.  The Baseline questionnaire includes topics such as your family history, reproductive history and your general health.  The collective answers allow researchers to investigate potential links between cancer and factors such as diet, lifestyle and genetics.
When you participate in the Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire you will also be asked to give consent for the researchers to have access to this information, once your identifying details have been removed.
Research Projects: When an approved project is offered to Register4, you will receive an email asking if you'd like to take part.  If the project is right for you, and the researcher's selection criteria (such as gender, age, location) have been met, simply click-on the 'yes I'm interested' tab, which gives Register4 permission to pass your contact details on to the researcher who will then make contact with more information.  You may also have some questions to ensure the project is right for you.  If the project is a right 'fit' and you are still happy to participate, the researcher will ask for your consent to participate in the project.  Likewise, if the researcher feels that the project is not right for you, they will let you know, and you may be eligible for other projects.
The types and frequency of research projects can vary.  They may involve answering a survey keeping a journal, or giving a hair sample, and it is always your choice to participate.  Of course, the more people to do so, the more data we will have to accurately reflect Australia's diverse community.  All research projects have undergone a rigorous screening process by the Access Committee, including approval by an external Ethics Committee and scientific peer review.

From time to time, Register4 members may be invited to share their thoughts on cancer research related topics.  These may include questions on the type of cancer research you would consider participating in, or the type of research topics you would like to see on the research agenda.
As with any Register4 project, the decision to take part is always yours.  However, as the Register is a consumer driven resource, your input is very important.
At all times your responses to the mini-polls are confidential.  De-identified results of the polls will be published on the Register4 website for the benefit for all.
For more information or to volunteer to participate in cancer research visit Register4.
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