Triple A salad - Avocado, Apricot, Asparagus (Low Fibre)

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Serves 4, less than 3 grams of fibre per serve.
Tip – both apricots and avocados need to be firm to the touch with just a little give under a very gentle squeeze. Choose the thinner asparagus stalks with closed tips; they are tender and easier to chew
  • 600 grams of chicken or firm tofu cut into thin strips, thoroughly mixed through with one tablespoon of olive oil and one teaspoon of garlic powder marinated over the day in the fridge
  • 3/4 whole avocado cut into slivers
  • 100 grams of apricots stones removed and cut into slivers
  • 1 bunch of fresh asparagus (blanched for 3 minutes in boiled water, removed and drained)
  • 1 butter lettuce washed and chopped
  • ½ cup of continental parsley
  • One teaspoon of Dijon mustard
  • 25 mls of olive oil
  • 25 mls of lemon juice
  1. Combine all the salad vegetables together in a large bowl
  2. Spray chicken/tofu with coconut oil or olive oil and pan fry until golden
  3. Add to the salad vegetables and dressing and toss through
  4. Sprinkle parsley on top to dress
  5. Serve immediately