On the go smoothies - High Fibre

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This month's new recipes are quick easy, portable and digestible, cherries and matcha are high in antioxidants

Creamy Cherry Smoothie - cherries beat inflammation, help you sleep and may aid in reducing blood glucose levels.

High fibre (makes 4 serves) 3-4 grams of fibre per serve. *Vegetarian, Vegan  (click here to view the low fibre / low residue recipe alternative)


½ very ripe soft avocado mashed

½ cup of frozen dark cherries

1 tablespoon of unhulled tahini

250 ml of unsweetened oat milk

1 tablespoon of coconut crème

1 Maraschino cherry to serve (optional)


Blend frozen cherries to a pulp add all other ingredients, blend until smooth

Serve with a split maraschino cherry on the side of the glass


Go Green Smoothie - one serve of matcha can contain up to 137 times more potent antioxidant content than tea made from the green leaf!

High fibre (makes 2 serves), 2-3 grams of fibre per serve. *Vegetarian, Vegan (click here to view the low fibre / low residue recipe alternative


1 level teaspoon of matcha powder

Half a washed zucchini

250 ml of unsweetened vanilla almond milk

10 baby spinach leaves

4 mint leaves

Stevia powder or maple syrup to sweeten


In a cup blend macha powder with a little milk and mix it to a paste without lumps

Add a little more almond milk and transfer contents into a blender

Add zucchini, rest of the milk, baby spinach leaves,  three mint leaves and a little of your sweetener

Blend until all ingredients are mixed thoroughly

Sweeten to taste

Serve with a mint leaf on the side