The Bottom Line Podcast, hosted by bowel cancer survivor, Stephanie Bansemer-Brown, is a monthly chat sharing stories and lived-experiences. 
Hearing from those living with or beyond bowel cancer, as well as health professionals involved in bowel cancer treatment and care, can be a valuable resource that can encourage and inspire others. Please note, podcasts may occasionally contain content that some listeners may find distressing.
The Bottom Line Podcast - Gen Xers most at risk
A new report, Protecting nine million Australians: the case for screening from age 45 by social demographer Bernard Salt AM, Managing Director of The Demographics Group, and commissioned by Bowel Cancer Australia, examines the growing impact of bowel cancer in people under 50 and the benefits of lowering the screening age.
The release of the report coincides with the draft recommendation from the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) for screening to start at age 45, which matches that of the American Cancer Society (ACS), which in May 2018 issued the same recommendation.


The Bottom Line Podcast - Talking Poo and Symptoms
Bowel Cancer is Australia’s second deadliest cancer, with over 15,000 people diagnosed each year and over 5,000 dying from the disease, however it is preventable, treatable and beatable.
Colorectal surgeon, Graham Newstead talks about poo and what to look out for in the toilet bowl, as well as bowel cancer symptoms and the need for all Australians to be bowel cancer aware regardless of age.  


The Bottom Line Podcast - Diet and Bowel Cancer Risk 
Meat Free Week challenges participants to try a plant-based menu for seven days and raise funds for Bowel Cancer Australia.
Bowel Care Nutritionist and bowel cancer survivor, Teresa Mitchell-Paterson, talks diet and the impact of meat to mark Meat Free Week as well as the importance of food for bowel cancer patients during treatment, recovery and beyond, sharing practical advice and valuable tips to assist with diet.

The Bottom Line Podcast
A new Australian study has found the rates of bowel cancer in people under 50 continue to rise.

Dannielle was diagnosed with bowel cancer at the age of 28. Over a period of a few years she sought medical help and knew something wasn't quite right, but bowel cancer was constantly dismissed because of her age. This delay resulted in her stage 4 diagnosis.

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