I was initially diagnosed with advanced localised rectal cancer at 55, but I have been in constant treatment for the last 5 years.

I get to a certain point where I think I am on my way to remission and all better only to be told on my next scans I have further metastases.

I have not yet gotten through a scan period where I have not had bad news. I have had every treatment from radiation, surgeries ranging from ileostomy, rectal resection, ileostomy reversal, lung wedge resection, radio frequency ablation and now cyberknife treatment along with 5 years of chemotherapy.

I have learned so much about life, diet, mental health, fitness and who I am. When I was first diagnosed, I made a promise to myself that I was going to be the best I could be through this illness and I feel I have endured a lot, much easier than most.

I pride myself on the ability to find solutions to help myself whilst under a team of medical professionals. I feel I have come through the best I can be both mentally and physically and I hope one day I will get that elusive "you are in remission" scan.

PS. I am a needle phobic. This has been my biggest challenge for me, along with trusting the medical team with my future and life. Now I am learning everything I can about medical stuff, mental health, diet and exercise, which have all proven to really assist me. I feel I am active and more in control of my own destiny which certainly helps me get through this journey with bowel cancer.