Steve was a wonderful man. He had a heart of gold and would anything for anyone. He was a battler all his life.

When he was 4 he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. To get better treatment for Steve we moved from New Zealand to Melbourne where he was treated by a well known doctor at the Royal children’s hospital who saved his life.

As he grew up he struggled with school and with life in general. When he was about 17 he got a job doing furniture removal and he found his happy place. As he got older he started driving the big rigs and he was in his glory. Loved being on the road in his big rig driving around Australia. It was while Steve and his wife were doing a trip around Australia that he fell sick. When he got back to Melbourne we told him to go to the doctors. Being stubborn and a procrastinator he finally went.

After 10 hours of testing they were told he had stage 4 bowel cancer and he had 6 weeks to live. Steve said I am not going anywhere and for 7 months he fought a great battle to stay with us.

He passed away on the 19th of January 2021. One thing I promised him was I would keep spreading the word for people to get tested. I have done this for the last 14 months.. I don’t care who I tell in a queue at the supermarket, anywhere I go when I start talking about him.

People have to realise this isn’t an old person’s disease. Don’t throw those tests away, do them.

It saved my sister in laws life who was diagnosed 3 months after Steve. She is in remission.

I am so proud of my son. He will be saying ‘You got this mum’ and I wear a t/shirt to bed that says 'You got this'. He is around us.

We have his ashes at home with us. One day when we are ready we will spread them in the Australian nature bush in the outback. He loved camping in the bush and that is where he is now. He will be in his glory.

Love you buddy. Forever in my heart. 

Missed so much by Mum, Dad, Andrea and Emma. ❤️