During late March I was experiencing gut pains and highly loud gurgling noises that never subdued.
My GP gave me pain relief that only lasted temporarily. Ultrasounds, blood test, urine/stool samples and nothing. With each visit the pain was worse, to the point I admitted myself to emergency on April 1st.
I was assessed in emergency and had all my test results with me to show. I went in for a CT scan late that night and the following day was told by the gastroenterologist “You have a tumour and we believe it’s bowel cancer”
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There was no time to assess what was happening as I needed immediate surgery. Due to the position of the cancer, every part of my bowel prior to it had to be removed as it was distended.
My biggest challenge was, and still is, trying to wrap my head around the fact I’m going through something like this at 25. You never expect at this age to be told you have bowel cancer. You always think of it as an old person’s disease.
My piece of advice would be to not doubt your symptoms and get answers. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s probably because it isn’t. I kept being in denial that it was anything to do with cancer as I thought I was too young. Get yourself checked and others around you.
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