In December 2020 I started noticing some changes in my bowel habits and having some abdominal pains after eating large meals. My wife encouraged me to see the GP just to be safe.

I was referred to 2-3 different surgeons and kept getting turned away (assuming it was a diet issue or something minor). Finally, I booked in to see a doctor who happened to end up potentially saving my life.

Fast forward six months waiting time for my appointment and booking in a colonoscopy, they found a tumour. Biopsies taken and CT scans to follow, a week later I was told I had a 4.5cm cancerous tumour almost completely blocking my large intestine.

At only 26 years old I didn’t even know this would be possible.

Three days later I was on an operating table having a large chunk of my bowel removed along with the affected fatty tissue it had spread into. 24 lymph nodes were taken which all came back clear of cancer.

Thankfully for me I caught it early enough that with surgery, and likely chemo, I will be able to battle this cancer.

At only 26, I had just started my own electrical business 12 months ago and was planning to start a family with my wife. This is all now on hold for a long road ahead of oncologist appointments, scans and blood tests.

I hope my story can help other young people to trust their gut and see their doctor if something isn’t right.