My sister Sarah was 34 and a new mum when she was diagnosed with bowel cancer, and 35 when it took her life.

She experienced three weeks of stomach pains before she was given a terminal diagnosis and 18 months to live. She started treatment immediately and lost her battle 10.5 months later.

Sadly, her story is not unique.

It has had a huge impact on mine and my family's lives. Whilst I think it's hugely important to talk about life beyond cancer, it's also important to talk to those who face a terminal diagnosis at a young age and their carers and loved ones.

The rates of bowel cancer in adults under 50 have been rising, and young-onset patients are more likely to be diagnosed in Stage 3 or 4 when the disease is harder to treat.

My advice to young people is to educate yourselves on the signs of bowel cancer. Never take your health for granted. Know your body and if something isn’t quite right, get it checked.

Everyone thinks that it won’t happen to them until it does. You're never too young to have bowel cancer.