My journey began in 2015 when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Bowel Cancer.

I was 28 in the prime of my life when the unexpected happen. I was not aware of how cancer can change your life till I experienced it myself nor did I know it was going to be the toughest battle of my life, filled with what seemed to be endless hospital visits, surgeries, tests, needles, chemotherapy, sleepless nights the list goes on.

Even though the journey was tough I decided not long after I was diagnosed to take one day at a time. From that day I had peace in my heart that this was out of my control and that I needed to let go and trust the journey that I was on.

During my journey my beautiful family and friends become my biggest support system. I couldn't imagine going through what I went without their support, love and comfort.

I also met and had the most amazing Doctors/Nurses and Health Care Professionals. Without you all I wouldn't be where I am today.

To all those amazing people around me that showed acts of kindness, compassion, love and care towards me during such a difficult time I can't thank you all enough. Sometimes the smallest gesture can brighten someone's day.

Life can get busy and we often don't listen to our bodies but please do if you notice anything out of the ordinary happening get it check out asap. For years I knew something wasn't right and I believe it kept getting undiagnosed due to my age.

I want to spread the awareness that younger people can get cancer. You’re never too young. Any cancer can strike anyone at any time. Educate yourself about the signs and symptoms. But most importantly please speak up if you feel something is not right.

After surviving Stage 4 bowel cancer I decided that I needed to do more as a young survivor to bring more awareness of bowel cancer.

In early February 2019 I introduced ‘Poppy The Travelling Bowel Cancer Awareness Poo Emoji’ to the Clarence Valley. Poppy travelled around local businesses and events during 2019. My aim of creating Poppy was to bring about more awareness of bowel cancer, to educated others of the disease and that you're never too young.

A big thank you to all the local businesses, events, individuals, family and friends for all their support. An amazing amount of money was raised during my campaign in 2019.

It gives me great pleasure to announce the total raised was $2,705. All money raised went to Bowel Cancer Australia for vital research and support for those affected by bowel cancer.

My campaign was successful, and I loved every minute of it. It was an ice breaker and most importantly it got people talking about bowel cancer and it gave them the courage to speak up and ask questions.

A highlight for me during my fundraising campaign was when ‘Poppy The Travelling Bowel Cancer Awareness Poo Emoji’ came to life in November 2019 at the annual Jacaranda Festival during the Float Procession. People of all ages loved Poppy the big blow up Poo Emoji and it was very successful.

I was very honoured to receive a nomination for Citizen of the Year in the Clarence Valley Australia Day Awards for 2020.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Bowel Cancer Australia. You are all touching the lives of so many people

I'm blessed beyond on words to still be in remission, but my heart constantly aches for those around me that are battling cancer and those that have lost their battle.

Remember our health is important we must be kind, care for others and ourselves.