To say that I was shocked when I received my bowel cancer diagnosis three years ago is an understatement.  I was diagnosed with Stage 4 bowel cancer that had spread to my liver and lung. 
I was scared and angry and couldn’t believe this was happening to ME! 
My symptoms consisted of tiredness and feeling lethargic with stomach cramping/sharp pains. Doctors told me this was due to me being a busy mum of three kids and irregular menstrual cycles! 
I had two iron infusions due to being anaemic and didn’t think much more of it, I especially didn’t think it would ever be bowel cancer at the age of 36.
Fast forward nine months and the symptoms of stomach cramps/sharp pains and blood was getting worse and my stomach was always bloated, so I decided to ask for a colonoscopy as I just didn’t feel right. 
Waking up from the colonoscopy and being told that I had a very big tumour in my colon was the scariest thing I’ve ever heard. 
Since the diagnosis I’ve had three surgeries to remove all the cancer and a gruelling 10 rounds of chemotherapy – I have to say that was the hardest for my body and mind to cope with!  But luckily, I am now cancer free! 
It’s been a tough couple of years for myself and my family and I feel very blessed to have survived it all. 
This experience has taught me look after myself and my body and to really listen to my body!
My advice to everyone would be to not wait to seek medical advice, listen to your body and the symptoms you are experiencing and if your stomach just doesn’t feel right ask for a colonoscopy!
You are never too young for bowel cancer!