At age 29 I presented to my GP with cramping pains in the stomach. Luckily for me my GP gave me a referral for a colonoscopy and gastroscopy immediately.
After the colonoscopy, my wife and I were informed of a large tumour obstructing my large bowel in the splenic flexure. I had a sub total colectomy 6 weeks later to remove the tumour and most of my large bowel.

6 months of chemotherapy followed, as it was detected in the lymph nodes.

3 years later the bowel cancer metastasised as a 38mm tumour in my pancreas and was detected with a CT scan, with no symptoms present. During surgery to remove the tail of the pancreas and the spleen it was found that the tumour had grown into the wall of the stomach so most of it was removed as well.

A lack of capacity in the stomach lead to a big diet change and a rapid loss of weight over a matter of months. This would prove to be a problem nearly 2 years later when I had the gallbladder removed due to gall stones. Doctors say this was most likely caused by the rapid weight loss.

I am writing this almost 12months since my last surgery, while sitting in the waiting room of the oncologist waiting for my latest test results and checkup. Feeling pretty good and wouldn’t have been able to do it without the constant support of family, friends and medical staff. For that I am and will be forever appreciative.