At 46 I was fit, healthy, ate the right foods, never smoked and absolutely no symptoms of any health-related concerns!!

I had my whole life ahead of me with my beautiful wife Frances and two amazing boys Kade and Brady.

Tired of seeing close friends taken by the C, I decided to visit my doctor to rule out the C’s.

After a general check-up ...boom... three tumours and a world of pain and torment to follow.

Bowel cancer bit me in the backside! I was diagnosed with bowel and rectal cancer after a colonoscopy.

I consulted my surgeon the following day and commenced my treatments within a week.

With love and support from my amazing wife and boys I was able to tolerate the extensive and very aggressive treatment phase I have endured.

Two months daily radiation, nine months of chemo 24/7 (5FU and FOLFOX6 pure liquid evil!! Both at the same time too. Fun. Fun. Fun. Not!!) and a staggering 19 operations.

Enduring an ileostomy bag for four months I felt like an animal. Definitely the hardest aspect of my journey. I was about to break. Snap!! Disgusting is all I will say about that cursed bag. Tormented and degraded every second of the day. My family held me up!!

I had to be strong for my family and push through. Absolute life changing illness. From the day I was diagnosed I will never be the same person. The old Brett will never be the same happy Brett again!!

Food is now my enemy!! One meal a day at best for the rest of my life. Lost 24kg. But this little Brett has fought every step of the way.

I jumped up on the hospital beds every single time. The staff at hospital got to know me as the energetic happy fighter I made myself into.

Never Give Up!! No way I was going to spiral down into depression!!

Be strong for my beautiful wife and boys. The look of admiration and support kept me strong!!

I want to make a difference. I'm inspired by the work of Bowel Cancer Australia and I want to give back!!

Cancer does not discriminate!! Spin the wheel and it stops on.... Me!!