My dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer in January of 2019 after having toilet problems for a couple of months leading up to diagnosis.

Men are usually too proud and somewhat scared to admit there is a problem and unfortunately the ending was not good.

In June the cancer had spread to his stomach and he was not reacting to the chemo. It progressively spread to his oesophagus, ribs, femur, and pelvis. He became bed bound at home while our family cared for him which we are proud of every day.

He spent Christmas at home, and it was one I will always remember.

Dad passed away on January 1st of 2020, nine days before he turned 51.

Life is so different after losing a parent. Three kids, 27, 24 and 21 and our mum 49.

We deal with it in different ways but one thing we have in common is we miss him every day.