I was diagnosed in 2016, after I had a small bleed. The Dr. initially thought I had eaten something sharp and told me not to worry. I had a precautionary colonoscopy two months later - Gee I am glad I did! It was already stage 3.

I was immediately put on chemo and radiation to try and shrink the cancer before they surgically removed it. I was given an ileostomy for 8 months and more chemo to try and prevent it spreading. The ileostomy was reversed and I was cancer free for 12 months. 

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Unfortunately, the cancer spread to my right lung and then to my left lung which meant several more surgeries in 2018. 

At my most recent scan, I was given the all clear again. But now it is stage 4, I think we will always live in fear of it returning.

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The biggest challenge after my diagnosis has been the struggle to maintain a ‘normal’ lifestyle. During the early treatment I managed to work full time and continue my Crossfit training, but I am now unable to do either. I have limitations where I didn’t before.

The one piece of advice I would give to anyone would be: Get it checked out! I was extremely fit, ate clean healthy foods and was (in my understanding) way too young! I am lucky the Dr. was wise enough to request a colonoscopy even when he wasn’t too concerned.

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