I’m a 40-year-old mum of two kids.

Diagnosed with Stage 3 bowel cancer three months ago and keen to promote awareness of this disease so the age of testing is lowered and so more people are aware of the symptoms.

In a nutshell....

I've had a hemicolectomy and currently in my 2nd round of eight chemo cycles.

I didn't have any reportable symptoms, I was tired, but what parent isn't!?

I was lucky. I went to donate blood and found out I had severe anaemia.

I was lucky my GP referred me to a gastroenterologist - I didn't fit the referral criteria.

I was lucky the gastroenterologist gave me a colonoscopy - I didn't fit the criteria.

When I woke from my colonoscopy in recovery with three older men, I was the one with the Nil By Mouth sign on my bed. I reached over, read my chart and called my husband. That was three months ago.

I am lucky. And passionate about telling others because I shouldn't have bowel cancer. But I do. Everyone needs to know the symptoms.