What a crazy journey I am on since August 2020 when l was first diagnosed with bowel cancer at the age of 38 and since then my life changed completely.

I started with a really sharp pain that lasted two weeks until I rushed to the emergency and found out about a big tumour in my large intestine. I had an urgent surgery to remove the 5cm tumour and also 65% of my intestine.

Then came metastasis in the peritoneum, liver, pelvic, and lymph nodes. l went through chemo, radiation, and immunotherapy trials.

We tried for a year to bring my parents over from Brazil, but the pandemic made it impossible. They finally made it a year after my diagnose and stayed here with me for eight months which was very special and healing for us.

I have done and still do a lot of things l believe in, including all different alternative and complimentary therapies, natural treatments such as vitamin infusions, herbs, supplements and oils, acupuncture, kinesiology, a lot of prayers and mantras, yoga, meditation, and all sorts of healings. For me, the mind and the emotions play a big part in this.

I have always been passionate about soul work, mystical things, and spirituality and this is a big part of my life. If not the biggest

I believe in karma and reincarnation and feel very strongly we are here to evolve and grow as spirits.

And this is a massive opportunity for that!!

I have learned all l could about cancer and alternative treatments.

I have tried a few diets to see how my body feels. I cook absolutely everything and make my own milk, bread, and broths. Our body talks to us constantly but many times we don’t listen.

Macrobiotic is great and my body loves it but it’s also time-consuming and not an easy diet to be on.

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen to avoid absolutely anything processed. It’s a full-time job.
At the moment I am in my last option of treatment here in Australia, a type of immunotherapy. The drug triggers my own immune response to try to fight the cancer.

I am looking into clinics in Mexico and l truly believe in a combination of approaches, western medicine together with a holistic integrative approach, and this is what I will do. Cancer is very smart and sneaky so better to attack from many different ways.

I want to say thank you so much to the people who have been next to me in this journey.

The love and support I have been receiving have been incredible.

I also need to share that I don't feel like I am a victim at all. My soul is growing so much like I never imagined, and I feel my heart full of love and gratitude.

I will keep believing and trusting in the perfect flow of life and "dancing" with this challenging journey with grace, lightness, and acceptance. I don't like the word fighting because it sounds to me, I am fighting my own body, so I decided to pay more attention on how I express myself when I talk about cancer.

Keep believing in miracles and enjoy the present moment. It is all we have.

My motto is 1% of chance and 99% of faith.

When asked about my advice for others, wow...there are so many... but definitely to look for more opinions and do your own research.

Trust your intuition and always follow your heart no matter the diagnosis or what anyone tells you. Do what feels right to you. Keep the faith up and believe in miracles :)