Grampians Health is delighted to welcome a new dedicated Bowel Care Nurse, a position funded by Bowel Cancer Australia to provide tailored support to bowel cancer patients across the region.

Jaymee Goldsmith, a registered nurse who has specialist knowledge and experience caring for patients with bowel cancer, will be working two days a week at Ballarat Base Hospital and St John of God Hospital Ballarat to support bowel cancer patients across the Grampians region and assist them in their treatment journey.
The funding for the Grampians region's dedicated Bowel Care Nurse position has been made possible through Bowel Cancer Australia with the generous support of the Dry July Foundation.
“Grampians Health and Bowel Cancer Australia are thrilled to welcome Jaymee to the team and are confident that her expertise and dedication will make a significant difference in the lives of bowel cancer patients in the region. Having a Nurse coordinator can have a positive impact on patient experience,” said Dr Carolyn Vasey, Colorectal Surgeon and Medical Lead for Robotic Surgery, Grampians Health.

Despite being the third most diagnosed cancer across Australia, bowel cancer patients often do not receive the same level of support as those with other common cancers. But Bowel Cancer Australia aims to bridge this gap through funding dedicated nurse positions.

The Bowel Care Nurse will act as a single point of contact for bowel cancer patients, offering continuous care and support from the moment of diagnosis and through treatment.

“Bowel Cancer Australia is committed to championing what matters most to people affected by bowel cancer and determined to have an everlasting impact where no Australian dies from bowel cancer and all those diagnosed receive the support they need. The Integrated Bowel Care Nurse Program that funded this position forms a vital part of this commitment,” said Claire Annear, National Community Engagement Manager, Bowel Cancer Australia.

As part of Bowel Cancer Australia's wider Patient Services team, Jaymee will be able to leverage the organisation's comprehensive support network and extensive information resources to help patients across the Grampians region, Ms Annear said.

The Bowel Care Nurse will also be providing care coordination and aims to identify and bridge gaps in the patient journey, which has the potential to change outcomes within our region.

“During their treatment, local patients often meet with several different teams along the way, and navigating the information and appointments can be overwhelming at times. Having a centralised point of contact to provide clarity and reassurance has been warmly welcomed here at the service,” said Jaymee.