Over Christmas - New Year I decided to donate blood.
Went through the pre-screening and got told I couldn’t donate because I was very anaemic, and to either go straight to the hospital or doctors.
I went to the doctors that afternoon, had blood tests, CT scan, and was told I have cancer markers in my bowel, liver and lung.
I was then referred to surgical at hospital where I had a PET scan. This confirmed bowel cancer. Stage 4, inoperable, incurable.
Definitely a shock since leading up to everything I was basically symptom free.

Chemo started on the 27th of March, 12 cycles every 2 weeks.

The first week of chemo is where you need to listen to your body, day 4, 5 and 6 I was very tired, slept most of that time. Thankfully I did not have any other side effects, apart from a little nausea. Every day after that I have improved day by day, getting ready for my next round of chemo.

Seeing and talking to friends who know people with bowel cancer and how they are having positive results, helps me maintain a positive attitude to try and beat it.

With the support of my oncology doctors and nurses I know they are doing everything in their power to beat this. Also, the support from my family, friends, club mates and my wonderful work mates has been phenomenal, definitely makes it easier to deal with.

Advice I would share is to trust what your body tells you, if you need rest then rest.
Donate blood, it will save someone else's life, but it may just save yours.