A living example of how research can benefit bowel cancer patients.
Unfortunately, I ignored early warning signs and put off a colonoscopy that could have changed my life. By the time I got around to having it done, I was diagnosed with metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC).
With the cancer having spread to my liver and then later to both of my lungs, I was given just two years to live.
I signed up to participate in a clinical trial, which I have been participating in for the past two years.
Inspired by the work of Bowel Cancer Australia and determined to raise awareness about bowel cancer, I have been an active advocate and fundraiser.
The only reason I’m alive today is because of the treatment I received from wonderful doctors, nurses and health care professionals supporting me, and the medical advances achieved thanks to research by organisations such as Bowel Cancer Australia.
Efforts by the 100% community-funded charity have led to new funding and greater patient access to life-changing cancer treatments in Australia with over $9.8 million committed to bowel cancer research in collaboration with funding partners.
Looking at the advances that are happening in the cancer space every day, I truly believe that we will see the end of many cancers within a generation.
Every dollar donated will help to achieve this goal!