In May 2019, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 bowel cancer at the age of 35.

After having a colonoscopy to investigate some bleeding and abdominal pain, a tumour was found in my rectum. I was sent for scans that afternoon, and they showed that it had already spread to my liver.

After further tests and scans, I was told that I was currently inoperable due to the amount of spread across my liver, the position of the rectal tumour and it was suspected to have also spread to my lungs.

I've had 10 rounds of Chemotherapy since June and have responded well so far. In October, I had microwave ablation on three liver tumours.

We're hoping that things continue to improve so that I can have surgery in the new year to remove the rectal tumour, followed by surgery on my liver.

I want to raise money and awareness for Bowel Cancer Australia so that they can continue to support those in need, and to fund research into bowel cancer.