On April 30 2019 I went for a colonoscopy and knew it wasn’t good news straight away, we were sent for CT and MRI scans immediately after being discharged.

On May 2 I was meeting my colorectal surgeon and was told I had Stage 4 bowel cancer that had spread to my liver and lungs. It was a complete shock for me and my family.

I had been living overseas since 2012 and moved back to Melbourne in September 2018. I had some symptoms that would come and go around the time we returned, but was consumed with settling back in after moving countries, finding work and renovating a house.

In a little over two years I’ve had 40 rounds of chemotherapy, 25 of radiation and microwave liver ablation. Unfortunately chemo has recently stopped working and I’m now undergoing tests to start a trial.

I want to raise money and awareness for Bowel Cancer Australia so that they can continue to support those in need, and to fund research into bowel cancer.