I want to start by saying that bowel cancer is a truly horrible disease which affects both men and women almost equally.
It is the second leading cancer killer behind lung cancer - but one of the most treatable IF DETECTED EARLY ENOUGH!
A few years ago my father had a close call with bowel cancer.
Luckily he was proactive about going to the doctor with his symptoms and it was caught early.
Initially treatment worked, but the cancer came back again twice - each time in his liver.
Thankfully, each time they caught it early enough and treatments have been successful.
However, my mate Dean was not so fortunate.
He lost his battle with bowel cancer on the 21st of July 2013.
Dean was only 26 years old.
In honour of him, our team "Deano's Bearded Stallions" was formed.
So my aim with this page is not only to raise much needed money, but also to raise much needed awareness in the hope that maybe another family, another friend - EVEN YOU, might be spared the havoc and heartbreak of this disease.
If something does not feel right - please do not dismiss it.
Do not put it off, because you are busy or embarrassed.
See your doctor immediately!
And please remember to donate if you can, big or small it all makes a difference.
Thank you for your support in helping to raise awareness and funds to beat bowel cancer.