I, like many folk, have worn many hats in many varied endeavours, working in industries from petroleum and energy, insurance and education and farming.
Working as a professional and as a laborer, in rural and city Australia, with organisation for profit and not-for-profit, and federal, local and state government engagements. Now I continue another endeavor, to help us better understand a disease of many forms: To rid us all of bowel cancer.
My fight and my engagement in this arena to eradicate this insidious disease is not alone, as I walk with many others who also have sought to overcome a path not clear of disease and infections brought on by reasons not well understood. I will do my best to overcome bowel cancer by supporting research and social engagement on this indiscriminate imposter.
People, like you and like me, and those we love and many we may not know are inflicted and impacted directly by this imposter encroaching upon us; from the Esophagus through the colon, the passage is not always clear.
You can help clear this path for better health and wellbeing.
Australia, we all need to support research to eradicate bowel cancer. All people from the North West Shelf and Timor Sea, to Gabo, and Bruni islands, and Flinders, and Kangaroo islands, and to Busselton to Arnhem Land and Cape York, bowel cancer is indiscriminant; let’s all help and give our support.
Go to decembeard.org.au and support Bowel Cancer Australia fight to eradicate bowel cancer for all Australians no matter where you live.
Help your loved ones; and help you and your friends: Grow a beard and donate to Bowel Cancer Australia at decembeard.org.au. From little ones to older folk bowel cancer is indiscriminate.