Thankful every day for early bowel cancer detection.
I was diagnosed with bowel cancer after I began to experience early symptoms in 2009.
Healthy and fit, I was beginning life as an empty nester with my wife Loretta when the cancer struck.
That one health check narrowed our field of vision from years to weeks and days.
In just over three weeks, I had surgery.
The tumour and a section of bowel were removed and fortunately the cancer had not spread beyond the bowel wall.
The constant checks and follow ups were always a cause for anxiety, and the worry of recurrence was constantly with us.
Early detection and surgery meant my wife and I were able to share our 40th wedding anniversary.
I’ve been able to watch my children grow into wonderful adults and I can play with my grandchildren.
I was lucky and I know others who were lucky, but I also knew some who weren’t.
I have always believed there were lessons to be learned and shared from this experience and since this opportunity came at a significant cost, I didn’t want to squander it.
Bowel cancer is a life changer in so many ways.
I decided to team up with Bowel Cancer Australia in 2015 to raise awareness and funds during Decembeard® in order to stop it from being a life-ender for so many.
Please support Bowel Cancer Australia this Decembeard to help save lives and to improve the health and wellbeing of people living with bowel cancer.
Your tax deductible donation will help make real change happen from prevention and early diagnosis to research, quality treatment and care for everyone affected by bowel cancer.
Photo: Stuart Scott, Maitland Mercury