My beloved brother Rob was diagnosed with metastatic stage 4 bowel cancer in October 2017, just before his 44th birthday.  His was diagnosed with the disease after having an unusual pain in his abdomen, which led to urgent CT scans.  Rob had surgery and chemotherapy, and sadly lost his life in June 2018, 8 months after diagnosis.

I loved, and love, him more than anything in the world.  He always said he had no symptoms, or perhaps his GP trips did not follow through with the required further investigations he needed.

Please do not ignore any symptoms, get a second or third opinion if you need to. Ask for a colonoscopy. Anything to get an answer or put your mind at ease.

It seems that bowel cancer has no age limit. Do not wait until you are aged 50 for checks, or think I’m too young to worry about bowel cancer, or we don’t have this disease in our family history etc.

Our story is not meant to scare you, it’s a positive act of self-care to look after your own health, and Bowel Cancer Australia has loads of information to help.

RIP my beloved brother Rob this is done in loving memory of you, my rock always.

~ Sandra