Our little brother Sam was diagnosed with bowel cancer on Christmas Eve 2018. He had a short battle of nearly seven weeks and passed away February 2019.
Every day we treasure his memory and now make it our mission to raise awareness that bowel cancer is not limited to people over 50. Our little brother was 27 years old.
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The biggest challenge we faced when our brother was diagnosed was wrapping our head around the fact that he had bowel cancer. He had been to doctors who said further tests were unnecessary, when in fact he was very unwell with an aggressive cancer. Our parents should not have had to bury one of their children.

From what we know now, the advice we would give to other young people is to listen to your body. If you have changes in your bowel habits, blood in your stools or you think something is wrong don't hesitate to get checked. If you are in your 20's, 30's or 40's you are never too young to have bowel cancer.
Danielle and Kristi
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