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Holidays are often a time spent with family, and so they underscore the absence of a loved one more than any other time.
Over the Easter holiday weekend, many will be reminded of loved ones lost to bowel cancer.
Bowel Cancer Australia wants you to know that you are not alone.
The Bowel Cancer Australia community is here to support all those affected by bowel cancer, either directly or through a loved one.
Visit our web page to read inspiring stories and sign up to our Peer-to-Peer Support Network so that you can be connected with someone who knows what you’re going through because they’ve been there too.
The Peer-to-Peer Support Network which is made up of a specialised team of Bowel Care Nurses with expertise in intensive care, oncology, stomal therapy and rectal cancer along with our Bowel Care Nutritionist.
It’s been almost four years sinceChristine's husband Kim passed away from bowel cancer.
She shared her story, to raise awareness and give hope.

Kim was diagnosed with bowel cancer in June 2012 and passed away not quite one year later.

He was being treated for constipation but had no bleeding or anything to let us know there was a problem.

After 10 days he started vomiting and I took him to the hospital in Brisbane where he spent a week to clear his bowel.

They then operated to remove a large cancerous tumour which had burst through the bowel wall.
Following his initial treatment, Kim was given the all-clear and allowed to return home.
But a few weeks later, a PET scan revealed cancer had spread to Kim's abdomen and liver.

The doctors gave him 2½ years to live, but sadly he only survived 11 months.

We got to say goodbye but it was so difficult.

Kim was a wonderful husband and dedicated father to our three children.
He was only 56 when he passed away, but the outcome could have been very different if his cancer had been detected and treated earlier.
Our lives have been turned upside down.
The children were so young (20, 18, 13) to lose their dad, and Kim was very sad he would never see any of them get married or see his grandchildren.
Celebrating special days like birthdays and holidays is incredibly difficult.
I never expected to be a widow at age 54 and our retirement plans are in ruins.
But I keep being told "life goes on" so I am also trying to move on.
I hope that by sharing Kim's story and letting people know what our family has been through, we may be able to help save lives and ensure families just like ours can get the support they so greatly need throughout their own bowel cancer experience.
Making a difference by supporting Bowel Cancer Australia is very important to me.
It is a special way our family can honour Kim's memory.
We miss him every day.
Offering the only national Bowel Care Nurse Helpline we continue our efforts to provide much-needed support for bowel cancer patients and their families across the continuum of care.
In addition, we provide an unrivalled suite of patient information, publications, and resources - including the highest ranking bowel cancer website in the country and the world-first bowel cancer app.
No one needs to face their problems alone.
Resources are available to support you or someone you know dealing with the psychological effects associated with bowel cancer or the loss of someone to the disease.
Contact our Bowel Cancer Australia Helpline at 1800 555 494 or the Beyond Blue Support Service at 1300 224 636.
If you need help immediately call Lifeline at 13 11 14.
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