Warning for bowel cancer symptoms

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Warning for bowel cancer symptoms
South Australians have been encouraged to be proactive when it comes to their bowel cancer risk through a new national awareness campaign.
The campaign, Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late, aims to have a lasting impact of bowel cancer deaths being eliminated and those diagnosed receiving the support they need.
Research has revealed the lifetime risk of developing bowel cancer is one in 13 (7 per cent).
Bowel cancer risk rises sharply and progressively from age 50 and around 91 per cent of cases occur in people age 50 and over.
For more information visit the Bowel Cancer Australia website (www.bowelcanceraustralia.org or www.bowelcanceratlas.org).
If you are experiencing symptoms suggestiveof bowel cancer see your GP or call the Bowel Cancer Australia Helpline (1800 555 494).
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