The Australian approach of "she'll be right" sometimes isn't right

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When it comes to staying well, “the Australian approach of ‘she’ll be right’ sometimes isn’t right,” says Federal Police Sergeant Paul Beath.
In an effort to raise awareness, Sergeant Beath speaks candidly about his recent bowel cancer experience.
His message is short and to the point.
More than 8,000 Australian men are diagnosed with bowel cancer each year; around 7% (560) of them are under the age of 50.
Although bowel cancer is more common in adults aged 50 and over, research shows rates are rising in younger Australians.
When detected early, 90% of bowel cancer cases can be successfully treated.
Learn about your risk of developing bowel cancer and the proactive steps you can start doing today to reduce your risk.
Check out our bowel cancer risk factors webpage and our bowel cancer resources webpage for more information.
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