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As a self-proclaimed fitness freak, James wasn’t overly concerned when he noticed blood in his stools at the age of 40.

His doctor also dismissed the symptoms, telling James he was “too young and too fit” for it to be cancer.

But when the bleeding persisted, James decided to seek a second opinion because he had so much to live for.

It was decided James should have a colonoscopy; the findings left James and his partner Joe Joe in shock.

The cause of bleeding was due to stage three bowel cancer, which had spread from the bowel to nearby lymph nodes.

“It was hard coping,” said Joe Joe, as she shared their story with Kidspot journalist Carol Baker.

Joe Joe had just given birth to their first son Brax three weeks prior.

“I tried to be strong for him, I didn’t want him to see how frightened I was, I didn’t want him to worry,” Joe Joe said.

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Every year more than 15,000 Australians, like James, receive a new diagnosis of bowel cancer.

Help Bowel Cancer Australia raise awareness this December about the disease which claims more men’s lives annually than the Australian road toll.

Registrations are now open for Decembeard® 2018 https://www.decembeard.org.au/, our annual hair-raising fundraiser that encourages men to grow a beard in the final month of the year (Dec 1 – 31st) as a quirky way to start conversations about bowel cancer and raise funds for Bowel Cancer Australia.

Register today and get ready to grow!

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