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Dr Karl is one of Australia's best known science geeks and can always be relied on to get to the bottom of fascinating questions.  Here's a recent one that resonated with us at Bowel Cancer Australia.
'How come food enters your body in so many different and attractive colours, but always comes out brown?'
Bowel Cancer Australia said today's decision to list Erbitux on the PBS from 1 September 2011 will be a huge relief for the 2,700 individuals literally fighting for their life, but it remains concerned about the approval process.
Julien Wiggins, chief executive officer of Bowel Cancer Australia said bowel cancer families have enough emotional and physical challenges to manage without worrying about whether they can afford to stay alive.
"The PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) listing of Erbitux means the financial burden of this treatment has now been alleviated and that is great news," he added.
A new report by the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) and American Institute for Cancer Research has confirmed that a high intake of red and processed meats increases the risk of bowel cancer.
Bowel Cancer Australia is reminding Australians that they could reduce their risk of bowel cancer by paying more attention to existing dietary guidelines and watching their intake of red meat.
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