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Almost half (around 45%) of all Australians diagnosed with bowel cancer are women.

1 in 16 Aussie women will develop bowel cancer in their lifetime, at any age.

We’re proud to have female volunteers of all ages sharing their experiences to help raise awareness of bowel cancer and show support for all the kick ass Aussie women currently living with or beyond bowel cancer and help save lives.

Kick ass women like the Bowel Babes.

Bowel Babes started out as a small group of women who'd been connected over time through Bowel Cancer Australia's Peer-to-Peer Support Network. All in their thirties, with similar stages and undergoing similar treatments, they had much in common and quickly forged friendships that will last a lifetime.

“Bowel Babes isn't simply a cancer support group for those undergoing treatment - it's just as much about living life with and beyond cancer. For us, regularly messaging each other is a way to share updates, photos and life's precious moments with each other.”

“One of the strengths of the group is that the support and friendship extends past cancer - the babes enjoy sharing everyday moments, laughs and tears about family and life in general! Without doubt, the best part of Bowel Babes is having a group of cheerleaders in your corner. Whether it's a day to laugh or cry, this group of women are behind each other every step of the way.”

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“The strong bond we all share was highlighted recently when one of the babes held an end of chemo celebration, and babes from as far as Perth and Melbourne travelled to Brisbane to meet the rest of the group and celebrate together - and what a weekend it was!”

“Currently at 18 members hailing from across Australia (plus a Kiwi!) and growing, the group is now open to all women with or beyond bowel cancer who are looking to connect with like-minded women to share their experience and support each other.”

Members of the Bowel Babes, along with many other kick ass women living with or beyond bowel cancer, have all generously shared their inspiring stories as part of Bowel Cancer Australia’s Kick Ass initiative. You can read their kick ass stories here.

Are you a kick ass woman living with or beyond bowel cancer, or do you have a female family member or friend that is? Find out how you can share your own kick ass story.

If you are living with or beyond bowel cancer, or are supporting someone that is, talking to another person who is going through a similar situation can be enormously valuable and reassuring. Further details on Bowel Cancer Australia’s Peer-to-Peer Support Network and Buddy Program is available here.

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