CSIRO announce a new blood test to detect bowel cancer recurrence

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CSIRO today announced that a new, more accurate blood test to detect bowel cancer recurrence, known as Colvera™, has launched in the United States. It is hoped the new test will be available in Australia as early as next year.
The blood test is the result of a collaboration between CSIRO, Flinders University and Clinical Genomics.
According to CSIRO, bowel cancer usually recurs in the first two to three years following initial diagnosis and treatment, in 30 to 50 percent of cases.
The current method of monitoring for recurrence is through a blood test for CEA (carcinoembryonic antigen), together with CT scans and other clinical assessments.
Bowel Cancer Australia patient advocate, Stephanie said “Every time you undergo a follow-up test after treatment, the thought of bowel cancer returning is always with you and can be a cause of great anxiety.”
“The possible availability of a more accurate test in Australia next year is welcome news as it may identify potential changes or signs my cancer has returned so treatment can commence sooner.”
“This could mean thousands of families, like mine, are able to continue celebrating special occasions - like Christmas - together for longer,” Stephanie said.
“By providing clinicians with a new blood test that is more sensitive for recurrence than CEA, Colvera™ increases the likelihood of detecting curable recurrences of bowel cancer, with the ultimate aim of saving lives,” CSIRO Scientist Dr Trevor Lockett said.
According to Professor Graeme Young of Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer said, “Our study has shown that Colvera™ is significantly more sensitive for bowel cancer than CEA and as such provides us with an improved, simple test that increases the likelihood of detecting curable recurrence.”
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