Colonoscopy surgery to be broadcast live as part of cancer awareness campaign

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Titled ‘Live from the Inside’, a minute and a half of colonoscopy surgery will be televised live as an advertisement today in the UK.

The first time a colonoscopy was filmed live for television was in 2000, when American news presenter Katie Couric underwent the procedure in front of cameras, in an effort to raise awareness about bowel cancer.

Her husband died from bowel cancer at the age of 42.

Since that time, a colleague of Katie’s also had his colonoscopy televised live (2010) and in 2016 the procedure was live-streamed using the mobile app Periscope, by surgeons at Mayo Clinic.
Colonoscopy is a procedure to look inside the rectum and colon for polyps, abnormal areas, or cancer.

In Australia, television viewers were able to watch Bowel Cancer Australia Director and Colorectal Surgeon, A/Prof Graham Newstead AM perform two colonoscopies as part of the landmark ABC documentary ‘Keeping Australia Alive’, which aired in March 2016.

The episode entitled “Heal Thyself” created a rare opportunity to go behind the scenes and get a better understanding of the procedure which has the potential to save lives through early detection and the removal of polyps.

Bowel polyps are small growths on the inner lining of the colon (large bowel) or rectum.

While not all polyps become cancerous, removing them during colonoscopy reduces a person’s risk of developing bowel cancer, resulting in fewer unnecessary deaths.

Bowel cancer is our country’s second biggest cancer killer, yet it is largely preventable through regular screening and polyp removal.

This February, Bowel Cancer Australia will launch our annual Don't Wait Until It's Too Late! public awareness campaign, reminding Australians that bowel cancer can be treated successfully in nearly 90% of cases if caught early.

you can find out more about colonoscopy and other screening tests here
For more information about our upcoming February campaign and to order awareness packs, visit Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!
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