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You're invited to celebrate Bowel Cancer Australia's Annual Christmas in July!
Bowel Cancer Australia's Christmas in July is an initiative held in the final weekend of July each year.
It's an opportunity to get together with those you love most and give the greatest gift of all.... knowledge that could save their life.
Having family members with bowel cancer increases your risk of developing the disease too.
That's why we're encouraging Australians to get together with their loved ones in the final weekend of July - share a festive meal, have a chat about their (bowel cancer) family health history and raise much needed funds for Bowel Cancer Australia .
By joining in celebrating Bowel Cancer Australia's Christmas in July you'll be raising funds to continue critical bowel cancer prevention programs and services that ensure patients and their families get the support they so greatly need throughout their own bowel cancer experience.
Love your parents, your family, your friends and your life by taking steps to avoid bowel cancer.
Share the importance of bowel cancer awareness with those you love to help save lives.
Working towards a future where more loved ones can stay together for longer and celebrate special times like Christmas in July together.
Host a Christmas in July event
Like to host a Christmas in July event / activity supporting Bowel Cancer Australia - follow the steps below to get started.
2. Submit your event idea to us using the Christmas in July: Fundraising Proposal Form. We'll then be able to review and approve your fundraiser and provide you with a Sanction to Fundraise letter.
4. You can then create a personalised Christmas in July Online Fundrasising Page for your event to promote your event details, collect and receipt donations.
6. Check out the Christmas in July Recipes webpage and 'Make it Healthy' booklet for some great food ideas.
7. And finally- enjoy a Christmas in July meal and informal chat about family health history with your loved ones in the final weekend of July!
Like to hold a Christmas in July event in your workplace? Please feel free to host your event anytime in the last week of July, we'd love your support!
Create an online fundraising page for your Christmas in July event
Create your own Christmas in July event webpage in just minutes and invite everyone you know to support your fundraiser by making a donation.
Christmas in July Decoration Ideas
Decorate in red and green to create a festive Christmas look, and also for bowel cancer awareness.
Head to the Bowel Cancer Australia website to order your free Bowel Cancer Awareness Pack, request a box of Bowel Cancer Awareness Ribbons to sell and/or purchase Bowel Cancer Australia merchandise (like our red and green Bowel Cancer Awareness Ribbons).
Christmas in July Recipe Ideas
Check out these tasty Christmas in July Recipe Ideas, put together by Bowel Cancer Australia's Nutritionist Teresa. Including both High Fibre versions and Low Fibre / Low Residue alternatives (so those with an ostomy bag, recovering from bowel surgery or suffering from bowel conditions can enjoy the feast too!).
Simple & Tasty Options - Make it Healthy is a practical booklet to help you serve healthier food and drinks to friends and family and when catering for an organisation or group. Download your copy now at Christmas in July: Make It Healthy.
A proud supporter of Bowel Cancer Australia Carolyn Creswell from Carman's Fine Foods has kindly shared some of her favourite Christmas in July recipes for you to try.
About bowel cancer and family history
Bowel Cancer Australia is encouraging families to get together this July, share their bowel cancer family history, and find out what action relatives may need to take to help reduce their risk of developing bowel cancer in the future.
Most people who develop bowel cancer have no family history of the disease.
However, having relatives, especially first degree relatives such as parents, brothers, sisters or children with bowel cancer significantly increases your risk of developing bowel cancer also.
This risk is increased even further in people with a history of bowel cancer in:

• one or more first degree relatives (parents, siblings, children) diagnosed younger than age 55
• two or more first degree relatives (parents, siblings, children) diagnosed at any age
For example, if either of your parents were diagnosed with bowel cancer before age 55, you have a 3 to 6-fold increase in the risk of developing the disease. If two of your close relatives are diagnosed with bowel cancer (at any age), your risk increases by a similar amount.
Your risk of developing bowel cancer doubles if you have one close relative who is diagnosed with the disease aged over 55.
In addition to families where bowel cancer runs in the family, there are also people who have an inherited, genetic susceptibility to bowel cancer. The two most common inherited syndromes linked with bowel cancers are: Familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) and Hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC - also known as Lynch syndrome).
If you have a family history of bowel cancer, it is advisable to consult your doctor about specific advice regarding bowel cancer screening / surveillance.
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