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I never realised how isolating disease and illness are. Having someone I could talk and vent to who'd been through it, who knew what I was going through, was so important.”

Where would you go for information if you or a loved one heard those four words ‘you have bowel cancer’? Who would you turn to for support?

If you’re like the growing number of Australians affected by the disease, you would seek out Bowel Cancer Australia for practical and emotional support. Just like Peter did, when he was diagnosed with bowel cancer at 34.

“I never realised how isolating disease and illness are. Even chemotherapy is quite a lonely experience, on top of everything else.

So, the Peer-to-Peer Network was really great, because I could talk and vent and complain to somebody who'd been through it, who knew what I was going through, which was important.

Being able to call up and talk to the Bowel Care Nurses was great too, because I could ask for help and get advice on the treatment, even when I was too tired and unwell to get out of bed or leave the house.”

Please consider contributing this Christmas to Bowel Cancer Australia's Appeal to help the thousands of Australians like Peter affected by our country’s second deadliest cancer. 

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With more and more Australians being affected by bowel cancer, directly or through a loved one, the need for resources and funding is growing.

Your tax-deductible gift this Christmas will help ensures our team is always there to help bowel cancer patients and their families when they need it most and enable us to empower them with the tools and resources they need to support each other during a difficult and challenging time.  

Providing a gift of hope for the future – a future where more families can stay together for longer celebrating special occasions like Christmas together.

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