Ambassador Anton Enus opens up about his bowel cancer

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In 2016, Bowel Cancer Australia Ambassador Anton Enus received a free bowel cancer screening kit in the mail.

Though he had no noticeable symptoms, he collected a small stool sample and sent it back.

As a non-smoking vegetarian who runs marathons and practises yoga, Enus had done everything he could to stay healthy, so he wasn't worried when the test result returned a positive for traces of blood in his faeces.

It was only after he awoke from his colonoscopy, that the worry set in.

“We found a large tumour,” his specialist said.

Still groggy from the sedation, Enus thought he was dreaming.

His tumour, doctors believe, had grown over several years.

After the initial diagnosis, it metastasised and spread to one of his lungs.

This left Enus simultaneously fighting the two types of cancer that cause more deaths than all others.

The treatment was brutal: chemotherapy and radiation, complicated surgery, then more chemotherapy and radiation.


Read Anton's full story here: ‘Very dark days’: Anton Enus returns to SBS after cancer battle.

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