9 years I've been fighting this off... now I'm 12 short months away from remission.

My story starts in 2010 just after my 30th birthday, life was good. I'd met a wonderful man from the Northern Territory, and we were giving a long distance relationship the best go possible.

I was living in Sydney. My health was good, although a little strange. Constant tonsillitis, reflux, heartburn, mouth ulcers and cold sores in my nose. Lots of visits to the GP, two visits to Emergency and an appendectomy helped lead me to my diagnosis. I requested a colonoscopy after blood in my faeces.

I will never forget the follow up call... "Can you bring a family member with you to your appointment?" My partner was 4000 km away but somehow, he was in my arms 5 hours later, and hasn't left my side since.

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Everything happened quickly from there. IVF, surgery and 6 months of chemo.

Everything was going well, then at 4 years, my marker jumped, then jumped again. A PET scan showed a tumour in my liver and lymph nodes. Major surgery followed, more chemo, trial drugs and radiation. I wasn't surprised...to be honest, I'd always felt like I got off too easy the first time.

Now, tumour markers are steady, life is good and I'm kicking ass all the way to remission. It's been a long 9 years so far, but I've had so many good times with plenty more to come.

Count it down with me!

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