I feel I only had cancer for 6 weeks and it didn't really hit me. It hit my husband and family instead. It feels like they went through it instead of me.

Thank you for offering me an opportunity to be included in your campaign but though I feel very lucky and greatful to still be here. I think there are a lot of other women that need the space to share their stories.

They are so very strong and have a terrific attitude to their journey they are travelling.

I have read a lot of them and find them inspiring. Go girls.

I don't by any means want to lower my thoughts of my journey. It was hard to put on Facebook what I did. I am still scared of going to the toilet and of what I might find even though I am still getting the all clear from doctors.  I had amazing nurses and doctors through it all and always kept myself busy with things to do with my hands. I had a little notebook to write any questions down in so i didn't forget to ask. The nurses would even remind me.

Direct family members need support from other family and friends. Though we are the ones going through the operations and treatments, the husbands, wives and partners are there holding our hands, listening to us and drying our tears, who is holding their hands and drying their tears?

In this first week of March, my husband and I celebrate our birthdays. We are only 9 days apart. We sat at the table for my birthday dinner, just us, and not only were we celebrating turning another year older, we were also celebrating, with a tear of happiness, that I made a birthday here together.

Thank you so doing this "Kick Ass" journey. It's great, though sad, to hear other peoples stories.